2015 aka Don’t Mess with Me, Man.

2014.12.28 | Random

I am going to have to wrap up 2014 on a down note. I’m usually a great optimist, and I try to live in the moment but several situations have negated this possibility for the start of the year. 1) I lost a friend that I no longer communicated with over inane roommate complications.  There was no […]


The end of a useless experiment.

2014.08.09 | Random

I recently spent some time on twitter in an attempt to learn why certain keywords trend; whether they’re paid for as an advertisement or truly blooming as a result of the population. While searching #disneyland, because I was sure it was a trending topic as a result of advertisement (I was wrong), I chose to […]


Writing at Home can Make Jane a Dull Dull Girl.

2014.06.06 | Random, Screenwriting

Stuck in a rut? Ideas lodged in the mud with the coffee maker you hurdled over the balcony last week because it wouldn’t work any longer? Get your ass outside. I’ve joined a production to help me in my quest to find inspiration. It’s good to be a part of The Haircut, and you can […]


The joys of just being a number.

2014.01.11 | Random

This little entry will entail what it’s like to have your apartment building purchased. So far, it’s been pretty humiliating. A few months ago, our new “owners” came by with cheerful smiles and attitudes. It seemed to reflect what we thought (or I thought) was a future rainbow focused on new beginnings. They were pleasant […]


Wanted: 2D Animator seeking story.

2013.08.22 | Screenwriting

I’ve decided to go forth and produce/direct a short that was relinquished back to me from a busy production company that bought it but couldn’t schedule in a time to film my little baby. I now feel this short will benefit greatly as an animated piece rather than shot due to complications like finding a […]


All the Pretty People

2013.04.10 | Random, Screenwriting

This post goes out to all employers, both in showbiz and outside of it. You come off as a holy-rolling twat cake when you ask nay, require an applicant to submit a photograph for a job that doesn’t need a special ‘look’ or ‘appearance’ to get the job. I’m not talking about jobs like actor, model, […]


The Demise of WriteSafe.Com?

2013.04.05 | Screenwriting

WriteSafe.Com is was a repository for writers to upload their scripts, stories and other writing related materials with a goal to time stamp them for intellectual property protection.  It’s not legally very powerful from the standpoint of a copyright or even a Writer’s Guild registration, but it did serve as a way to protect one’s […]


Taking the Mystery Away from Flash Animation Projects

2013.04.01 | Random

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing with a fresh-faced company aiming to deliver a high quality product without the mystery of pricing. What a mouthful, but wait, there’s more. The outcome of the interview is still up in the air and before someone screams brown-noser, I debated for a bit on whether to publish […]


The Polishing of a Turd

2013.03.20 | Screenwriting

Over a year ago I helped make a short film that I wrote as a favor to a film student.  My involvement was more than I had planned but ironically left me with little input.  And as it should be, right? The writer should stand back and watch the magic, not make it.  HAH! Days […]


Nan with the Sense of Humor

2013.01.28 | Mugshot

Hullaballoo! My first Writer’s Mug Submission! Brought to you by @mjvalquist, a screenwriter out of Los Angeles. Jane Valquist enjoys long walks by the beach, a lovely picnic in the park…oh wait, I’m wrong… she’s a “Screenwriter~Red Wine & Beer Connoisseur~Big Ass German Dog Rescuer~Cartoon Watcher~Soccer Lover~Unashamed 80s Music Fan~Wii Bowling Master”. She sounds like me minus […]