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Creating a special time capsule for your loved ones has never been easier.



Cultivating everything a person might want out of digital journal without rehashing existing ventures takes hard work and perserverence. The team behind SnapThought is hard at work right now trying to give you the best experience possible. We'll chime in soon with an update!

Friendly support

Everyone says it, but we mean it.

SnapThought will have a friendly easy-to-use ticketing system AND a customer service phone number to answer your toughest questions.


We don't want to conquer the cosmos, we simply want to give customers a fun, easy and meaningful way to share their lives with their family and friends.

Launch newsletter:

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.– Phyllis Theroux

Who we are.

Journal, Love letter, Time Capsule; we are whatever you need us to be.

Snapthought weaves your memories together and shares them with anyone you choose, on a date in the future.

Imagine writing a letter to your unborn child, your loved one, or even to yourself knowing that each entry kept track of the news or culture snapthoughts of the day. SnapThought wants to make sharing with loved ones easy and best of all, meaningful.

If you're interested in knowing when we launch, place your email in the field above. We'll never sell your information and only use it to announce our launch.

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